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We provide SEO in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. Search engine optimisation is the art of optimising a web page for a specific search term or keyword so that it ranks highly in the search engine results page for that term.

It is no longer possible to fool search engines in to giving your site an artificially high ranking. Achieving a page one result organically is down to hard work and original and engaging content. Google publish detailed guidelines for webmasters to follow in order for their site to rank well.

There are many elements that contribute to your websites search engine ranking position and we will briefly outline some of them below in order to de mystify the world of SEO which to many is still seen as a dark art. This is not surprising as there is great value to a business in achieving a high rank for a search term with a large volume of monthly searches. Because of this value, many companies are prepared to pay specialists to deliver results.

This causes search engines like Google a problem, if users enter search terms and receive non relevant results because the keyword has been given an artificially high rank by a SEO company then the users will lose confidence in Google and start using other methods of search. For that reason Google constantly updates its algorithms and in recent years has had a lot of success in defeating most of the black hat techniques. You may gain short term success in using some of these techniques but they will almost certainly result in a penalty to your site in the long term.

As a result the world of online marketing has changed and the only safe way to get a site to rank well is to follow the guidelines and that means hard work and lots of it. This is commonly known as white hat SEO.

Because of the hard work involved, search engine optimisation is not cheap and usually involves a monthly fee which can range from a few hundred pounds up to several thousand pounds depending on the competition for the search terms. Once the goal has been achieved the fee could reduce just to maintain the position but again this depends on competition.

Choosing keywords that will deliver results but have low competition is key to keeping those costs down. If for example you were a local business in Nottingham you would usually tag the end of your search term with your geographical location, for example SEO Nottingham. You can add additional words to the start or end of a phrase, such as cheap or affordable or professional. This will further increase your chance of success but you have to balance the effort of achieving this against the potential volume of search.

Fortunately we have tools that will help you with all of this and the great news is that all of our consultations and assessments are completely free of charge and come with no obligation.

As part of our service we will discuss your options and show you reports on your suggested keywords. We will look at your competitors and assess the likelihood of outranking the competition and of course what the budget will need to be to achieve this.

This is where we like to put our money where our mouth is – we offer a 45 day money back guarantee if we do not improve your ranking position for your chosen key word in your preferred search engine, which is usually Google.

You get reports whenever you want them with access to our SEO portal so you can see instantly how your campaign is going. We will speak to you at least once per month to keep you updated on the work we are doing and the progress we are making.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call now to get your free consultation and free seo keyword report complete with your current ranking, monthly search volumes, cost for pay per click and competitor analysis. All of this coupled with a very competitive rate and a money back guarantee if we do not improve your ranking within 45 days.

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