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Clanig offer web design services to Nottingham and the surrounding areas. We specialise in providing websites and associated services to small businesses, start-up companies and individuals.

Each business is unique and so we approach each and every project we take on as a unique project. We do not offer one size fits all solutions like many of our competitors.

We send you a questionnaire to complete which will gather snippets of information that we can expand on in our initial conversations. We then have an in depth conversation which allows us to put together a web design proposal and a quotation.

If this sounds like a lot of work to complete just in order to get a price, then you are right it is, but you aren’t ordering a pizza, a website is one of the most important things your business will ever invest in. Get it right and your business will benefit, get it wrong and your business will suffer and in extreme cases it will fail. In our experience, spending a few hours at the beginning of a project planning will save days and weeks of work trying to get it right later.

This isn’t us trying to hide our pricing, our rates are very competitive, in fact we are happy to beat any genuine quote from a local / Nottingham based web design company. As an indicative price we offer a 6 page brochure style site with contact form for £399.

The first thing we need to establish is what purpose your website is going to serve. Will it be to give information to customers or potential customers? To interact with existing clients or potential clients? To promote and market your companies products and services or to sell your services and or products?

Next we need to know who your website is aimed at, what is your target market? Business users, the public, male, female, old, young.

What is your budget? This can be a little bit sensitive as some customers are reluctant to share a budget because they feel that a designer may inflate the price to match the budget. Let us assure you that we price every job based on the work required and by being upfront about your budget we are able to recommend the most suitable solution. It also allows us to be completely honest about your chances of achieving your goals based on your budget.

Finally we need to set some goals for the website. This can be something simple like the number of visitors per month, a campaign targeting a region like Nottingham or it could be more complex like increasing sales by 50% over a 6 month period.

Why do we need to know this? In order for a website to be successful we must engage the visitor and as a designer if we know the purpose of the website, the target audience and the goals then this makes our job a lot easier.

The next stage in the process is for us to submit a detailed proposal and price based on the information we have gathered. We appreciate that this is quite a bit of work as we previously stated but ask yourselves this, if the other web design companies you are talking to are not asking you for this level of detail are you really going to get the website your business needs to succeed.

If you accept our design proposal then we start to discuss the design process. This will involve discussions about what you like and what you don’t like. Examples of websites that you like and why you like them, colours that you like and don’t like. We will help you with this and discuss your choices and preferences, we always try our best to accommodate our clients wishes and preferences but we will let you know if there are good reasons for avoiding certain design choices and colours.

At this stage you will need to submit content to us. Good and engaging content is vital to attracting visitors to your site and to make sure they will want to return again and again. Content is not just restricted to text, good images, photos and video are all valuable resources for creating a great user experience. At this stage it is common for the design process to stall as some customers find it difficult to produce good quality content in the necessary quantity. We need the content before we start designing as the content will often dictate the design and how many pages and functionality etc.

If you are struggling to produce the content then we can help you with this, we appreciate that in most cases individuals tasked with getting a website produced still have to continue with their day to day duties and this doesn’t always leave the time to dedicate to the important task of content production.

Next we produce mock up designs and submit them for your approval. At this point you can make suggestions and amendments. We recommend that you are completely honest at this stage, we promise that we will not be offended by anything you say and if you have any doubts it is better to express them before too much work is done.

Once the designs are approved we code the web site and upload it to one of our web servers so that we can test the code and functionality. We will test to make sure that the design works in all of the major browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. If you have specified that the site be responsive then we also test on mobile and tablet devices to ensure the design is mobile friendly.

Having a responsive design website is very important, responsive doesn’t mean it is fast, it means that it responds to all types of devices and screen size. It is much cheaper than having separate websites built for mobile and tablet. A good responsive design will work on any device and in both portrait and landscape mode. Over half of web searches are now conducted on mobile devices and if your site is not mobile friendly then it will be penalised by Google and your site will not feature in the search engine results page for a search that was done on a mobile device.

As soon as we have finished testing, we hand over the test site to you for checking and approval and when you are happy, you sign the design off and we move the site to the main production servers and your domain.

For many web design companies this is where the journey stops, they are paid for the site and they hand it over to you and you are on your own. We view things a little differently and if we were marking the progress of the website we would say that this was the halfway point. We set goals and objectives as part of the planning stage and we need a way to be able to measure the progress towards those goals and ultimately the success in achieving our goals.

We install Google analytics code on every page of your new website so we can track how many visitors you get and more importantly, how they interact with your site. We send you a monthly report which will show you this information and we give you the log in details so you can check more frequently if you wish.

We submit all sites to the major search engines and directories and we ensure that the site is search engine friendly.

Sometimes it is necessary to do more than this to get your site ranked highly on the search engine results pages. It really depends on how competitive the market is in your business sector and if you are looking to achieve a local ranking such as Carlton or Nottingham for example or a UK wide ranking or even targeting specific languages or the whole world.

This would be where our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service comes in to play. We offer this as an additional service for an additional cost. We will be very upfront with you about potential costs and timeframes and we do a completely free of charge market assessment to determine the chances of success. We would be fairly confident of being able to achieve success for local search targets such as Nottingham, but if you were looking to rank on page 1 for the key word Estate Agent for the whole of the UK then the competition would be fierce and the cost would be thousands per month.

To give an idea on cost for SEO you should be looking to budget around £300 per month for a local campaign for at least 3 months, once you have achieved a page 1 ranking then this can be scaled back but a certain level of work would need to be kept on going to prevent competitors from regaining your position.

To keep content fresh and to keep visitors coming back you will need to regularly add new content to your website. We offer a monthly maintenance package that will give you unlimited updates and guaranteed turnaround times for your updates.

We can also look after your social media requirements. We would always encourage you to do this yourselves but if you do not have the time or inclination then it is an important part of your companies web presence and social media should not be overlooked.

If you managed to make it all the way to the end – thankyou and hopefully you will have a better appreciation of why planning is important when designing a website. We would be very happy if you chose Clanig as your next web design company in Nottingham, please give us a call or send an email to initiate a free no obligation consultation.

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